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Tiësto & Mark Knight feat Dino ‘Beautiful World’ OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Ютюб Tiësto & Mark Knight feat Dino ‘Beautiful World’ OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Описание: ***OUT NOW*** iTunes: bit.ly Beatport: beatport.com Tiësto & Mark Knight feat Dino ‘Beautiful World’ combines the outstanding talents of 2 of dance music’s most influential artists with the vocals of Dino Lenny, creating a fervent and euphoric masterpiece, fully loaded and ready to be fired out on the unsuspecting dance floors. Widely regarded as the world’s biggest DJ/Producer, Tiësto has wowed millions of clubbers with his epic live shows whilst working alongside global superstars such as Nelly Furtado and Goldfrapp . Mark Knight’s legacy already ranks him as a leading player in dance music culture with 2010 producing a Grammy nomination for his work on the multi-platinum Black Eyed Peas album ‘The End’ and collaborations with legendary acts Faithless and Underworld. Flash-forward to 2011 and these two masters of electronic music have created a colossal crossover classic. When combined with a truly inspirational music video that follows the compelling story of a proficient, all male cheerleading dance group, known as the ‘DAZL Diamond Peewee Boys’ recently starring in the BBC ‘Wonderland’ series, you are left in no doubt that this is a powerful, life affirming anthem that ‘If you close your eyes’ provides the perfect escape into a ‘Beautiful World’. Directed by Colin O’Toole Special thanks to Donnelly 24 www.donnelly24.com http www.toolroomrecords.com http www.djmarkknight.com
Дата: 04.06.12
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Interview with Lenin (English subtitles!!!)

Ютюб Interview with Lenin (English subtitles!!!)

Описание: «One Lenin per household!» This motto was given long ago and was not fulfilled. However the glorious city of Barnaul can boast about having its own, personal Lenin. And in a special case it can show its tongue. In this video you will know something new about world proletarian leader’s life and also will hear the prophecies to the new generations to come.
Дата: 04.01.11
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